martedì 13 dicembre 2011

A testimonial in English: Dale

Our family had decided to take our vacation in Italy, and a friend offered us her apartment in Castiglioncello, a short drive from Livorno. My wife wanted to take Italian lessons (although I wasn't 100% convinced we needed to), and started looking for a language school. We decided on "La Scuola Toscana" because the teacher (Sara) was willing to come to our apartment. After Sara and my wife exchanged a few mails, we decided on 5 x 2 hours of lessons spread out over our two-week visit.
During our lessons - which Sara put together based on our needs and desires - we learned a lot, and we had fun doing it. Each time we met, the two hours went by in a flash, and we were able to easily apply what we learned while sightseeing and going out to eat in local restaurants. Nobody mistook us for native Italians, but we were able to ask directions, go grocery shopping, order at a restaurant in Italian; in short, normal, everyday things which made our vacation a lot more fun and interesting. Thanks to Sara, we were able to communicate with many more people than would have otherwise been possible.
To make our stay even more enjoyable, Sara gave us many insider tips about the area and where we could visit, arranged a wine tasting for us, and on the last weekend, she even gave us a personal tour through her home town of Livorno. I would heartily recommend La Scuola Toscana to anyone who wants to pay a visit to the Toscana, learn a little talian on the side, and just have a memorable vacation! 
Grazie mille, cara Sara! 

Dale, Oktober 2009

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